Throughout Marie-Laure's career as a floral designer, managing some of the premier shops in Paris, she also played an active role in the development of the family business. Since the creation (1989) of Le Jardin Franšais in France, a nursery and exhibition garden located on a portion of seventeenth century estate in the Oise region, thirty miles north of Paris, Marie-Laure has been developing exhibits for national garden exhibitions, such as Courson and St Jean de Beauregard, and creating floral design for the garden's many clients.

Following her graduation from the Lycee Hugues Capet preparatory school in 1995, she entered the Ecole Nationnale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Toulouse. Upon completion of her first year she transferred to the Ecole Nationnale Superieure des Beaux Arts de Paris; her major course of study was Architecture. During this period, prior to her arrival in the United States, her talent had conquered many important designers in the industry. She managed Guillon Fleurs for almost two years, designed for Marianne Robic and Christian Tortu. She created weekly compositons for Christian Dior, boutique and offices, Louis Vuitton, Loreal, Guerlain, Mauboussin, Sony Music, Paris Premiere Magazine, the Minister of Finance, Le Louvre, Rodin museum, fashion shows, and more.

Marie-Laure moved to Atlanta ten years ago to assume work for Gloriosa Design (a special event production company), where she was titled floral design manager. She then founded her own studio, Le Jardin Franšais Inc., US with the determination to bring the elegance and sophistication of her style to clients here. Located in a quaint northwest Atlanta district, today the studio is symbolic of the pride she takes in her craft, and the love and appreciation that she holds for nature.

Le jardin franšais - Ermenonville 1910


The floral creations of Marie-Laure Coste Dujols stem directly from the nature that surrounds her. As the daughter of a well-known garden designer near Paris, she was born into a magical world of gardens and floral design. Her mother surrounded the house with flowers and rare varieties of perennials and shrubs, allowing Marie-Laure immense creative opportunities throughout the home and garden. The results were floral compositions that evolved as the seasons changed.

Le Jardin Franšais is committed to offering beautiful floral creations, based on the experience and knowledge of the designer and her undying appreciation of nature. When you share her perception of beauty and of how her designs are created, you can be assured of the finest design quality in the industry.

"The objective is not to take the most perfect flower grown in the green house and arrange it with another perfect flower or foliage, but instead to recognize the most beautiful specimens of what is provided naturally, and to create something beautiful from what might otherwise not even be seen."