Trip Advisor / Hotel Review
Re: Love the Loews Atlanta hotel and its floral arrangements
"This is the second time I have stayed at this hotel (both times were for business). The hotel is in a nice section of Atlanta where you can walk to a lot of restaurants. [...] It has some of the most interesting floral arrangements I have ever seen; some very exotic flowers that I had to touch to see if they were real! The hotel is just gorgeous all around. I will come back!"

Corporate Event Marketing
“It was a pleasure working with Le Jardin Francais. The flowers were beautifully done and I greatly appreciated the thought and time that went into the set-up. I could not have asked for more, and will definitely use your services the next time I do an event in Atlanta."

Yahoo Local / Linda
“Marie-Laure did an amazing job for my wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel on June 2nd. Everything from my bridal bouquet, the bridesmaid's bouquets to the center piece were stunning. She was easy to work with and she created some of the most beautiful floral arrangement I ve ever seen. I couldn't have ask for anyone better. I received so many complements and I would definitely recommend future brides to choose Le Jardin Francais. Thank you so much Marie-Laure!!!"

Kudzu / Nikky & Alan
Subject: A French Touch....
“Marie-Laure and her team have the great European spirit and the ideas go into the deepest detail far beyond your imagination. They have done the design, decoration and flowers for our rooftop wedding and it was stunning. Everybody loved it and we would not have done anything differently. Thank you Marie-Laure and team for making our most important day of our life so beautiful! "Je vous remercie pour votre travail remarquable"

Kudzu / Nikki F.
Wedding & Floral client / special orders
Re: Perfect decoration and flower solutions
“Marie-Laure and her team have the great European spirit and the ideas go into the deepest detail far beyond your imaginations. They have done the design of decoration and flowers for our roof top wedding on June 2nd and it was stunning, everybody loved it and we would have not done anything differently. Thank you Marie-Laure and team for making our mist important day of our life beautiful! "Je vous remercie pour votre travail remarquable"

Yelp / Lauren D.
Wedding & Floral client / special orders
“I am honored to say that I was Marie-Laure's first bride in Atlanta almost 12 years ago! Her designs far exceeded my expectations on that day and they still do today. She is a true artist with a unique point of view. As an interior designer, I rely on Le Jardin Francais to provide my clients with stunning gifts, whether it is a small bouquet, a large entry arrangement or a Christmas wreath. Marie-Laure is a versatile floral designer who instinctually knows what her clients want. On top of all her talent, she is one of the sweetest people I have ever met and listens to the needs of her customer. Simply, she is the best!"

Yelp / Philippe M.
Floral client / special orders
“Marie Laure and her Team are doing an incredible job with their flower arrangements, they also have a great Christmas store in Midtown that is fabulous, I am using them for my landscaping and sending flowers to my dear Wife and They make me look always great."

Kudzu / Carrera2012
Floral client / special order
“Subject: A French Touch....
Marie Laure and her Team are doing an incredible job with their flower arrangements, they also have a great Christmas store in Midtown that is fabulous, I am using them for my landscaping and sending flowers to my dear Wife and they make me look always great."

Julie S.
Floral Design / Restaurant
“Dear Marie-Laure,
Although we have never met, I awe you a debt of gratitude. You provided the most amazing flowers to decorate Restaurant Eugene for the Junior League of Atlanta’s 1916 Society reception on Saturday. The restaurant is quite elegant but your flowers transformed it into an enchanting space. You are as gifted a designer as you are a generous person. Je vous adresse, madame, mes salutations distinguées."

Jill R.
Wedding client
“Subject: Just breath taking!
The flowers for my daugther's wedding were breath taking! Everyone talked about how beautiful they were! We loved working with Marie-Laure. She made our wedding a dream come true! The flowers were perfect!!! -- Best regards, Jill.

James M.
Floral client
“Subject: She absolutely loved it!
Marie-Laure, Thank you so much for the flower arrangement that you did for Blayne today. She absolutely loved it (said it was the "most beautiful she had ever seen"!)! Thanks for helping make me look good!
Have a great weekend!-- Jimmy"

Roberta C.
Floral client
“Subject: WOW Valentine beauty!
Dear Marie-Laure, I am in no way surprised that what you do is so far beyond what I have ever seen before. Yet I must say that both the amazing profusion of gorgeously blended colors of roses that you made for Guy to give me, and the stunningly beautiful arrangement of lovely blooms and elegant greenery that you made for me to give to him, are truly a celebration of the height of nature’s beauty, assisted in presentation by your artistry. Both are so fragrant, I would not have believed they could keep smelling so lovely for so long. WOW. Thank you so much for making our first Valentine’s as a married couple so extra special!!
Much love, Roberta”

Anna Griffin
Floral client
“Subject: Thank you! They are beautiful!
Hello! I just wanted to thank you for the most gorgeous flowers that I received for Valentine's Day yesterday. The hyacinths make my office small like Spring. The bouquet makes me happy just to look at it. They are so lovely, I just had to write and tell you!”

Pam Blanton
Restaurant Eugene's client
“Subject: Your flowers and creativity.
Hi, just had to drop a quick note to you. I am a GCA judge in Lookout Mountain. I was having a wonderful dinner at Eugene's the other evening and was "blown away" by your beautiful artistry in the hall. I have never seen such big air plants! I am headed to FL for the winter, so maybe, down there. The simplicity that you evoke is stunning. The food was awesome but your bottles and flowers evoked a romantic mood when entering the Restaurant. Thank you.”

Gayle S.
Event planner
“If you have not experienced the talents of Le Jardin Francais you are missing a truly magical experience. Marie-Laure and her team are the definition of "The Art of the Table". Her creativity and style is unparalleled! Her professionalism and work ethic are truly unique. She makes the design experience effortless.”

Michael Schevenieus
Event Coordinator, The Mansion On Peachtree
"You guys do beautiful design work. I work for an event planner here in Atlanta part time. I love your style and color choices for the event at Neo Lounge. Gorgeous!">

Temple Mosley
Wedding client & mother of a bride
“Our experience with lejardinfrancais was perfect in every way. Your communication was superb. We had answers to our questions immediately! This was one area of the wedding we never worried about. Marie-Laure was available and understood exactly what Katie wanted. Every arrangement etc created by lejardinfrancais was beyond what we had anticipated!! Thank you Thank you!!!!"

Sydney Healey
Wedding client & mother of a bride
“Emily's wedding was more wonderful than I ever expected. Your crew was remarkable. It was a magical night and we want to thank you all.
Thank you”.

Barry Belcher
Concierge, The Mansion on Peachtree, A Rosewood Hotel & Residence
"Le Jardin Francais has the most talented floral artists I have ever seen. I like to think of them as a fine chef, as they use the finest, freshest, and seasonal botanicals to create masterful floral pieces. One of my favorite arrangements I have seen from Le Jardin Français is when a guest requested 36 red roses. Of course there were 36 red roses yet, extraordinarily wrapped in a kiwi vine. Le Jardin is truly one of Atlanta's finest floral artisans."

Anna Griffin
Garden client
"You all are the absolute, most glorious floral designers I have ever worked with! Every arrangement you have done for me personally and professionally has been breathtakingly beautiful. Thank you for making my world so lovely."

PJ Schiff
Garden client
Remarkable talent, attention to detail, kind, responsive and completely professional. You could not ask for more. A true delight.

Joy Mizell
Garden client
"I can only describe Le Jardin Français in adjectives - elegant beauty - talented, knowledgeable, and professional. Their work is fabulous; and they are a pleasure to work with. I feel fortunate to have discovered them."

Gayle Skelton
Sr. Manager, Corporate Meetings for Invesco
"From board dinners to weddings, everything Les Jardin Francais creates is not only first class but with an exceptional attention to detail. Marie-Laure and her team have a unique combination of talent, professionalism and customer service that is unparalleled in Atlanta."

Elizabeth McDonald
VP, McDonald Media
"When planning my best friend's wedding, I immediately thought to call Marie-Laure...from my first conversation with her, I knew that she was the perfect partner for our event. From orchestrating details and rentals, to the most important flowers, everything about Le Jardin Francais's involvement with this event was perfect. Marie-Laure is an excellent communicator, designer, and artist. I would never use anyone else for an event large or small. Everything they did was JUST PERFECT! (And the budget was just right!)"

Chaun Bunt
Catering Manager, Four Seasons Hotel Atlanta
"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Le Jardin for the past three years. Marie Laure and her team provide excellent customer service and always exceed my expectations. I have worked with several florist here in Atlanta but Le Jardin continues to provide exceptional arrangements from small to grand. What I appreciate about Le Jardin is that they are always willing to work with the customer in spite of budget constraints during the economy. Thanks again for providing valuable partnership with me personally and Four Seasons, Hotel Atlanta."

Chynna Steele Griffin
"Thank you so much for your work on our wedding! We are delighted with the way everything looked in the end. Marie-Laure and her team definitely took all of the inspiration photos and ideas that I had and brought them to life in a new, fresh way that complimented the unique tables and event space we had. The design wasn't simply a mimic of photos I had shown her in the planning phases, but was perfectly in line with what I wanted and a great enhancement of and contribution of the overall decor.... Marie-Laure had an established relationship with my wedding planner before, so I am sure that made things easier, but they coordinated excellently together so that I did not have to worry about the little details of the design. I trusted that you would do a fabulous job based on photos of your previous work, our discussions and other people's comments about the quality of your work, so I didn't ask for a lot of drawings, sketches or anything leading up to the event.... I will recommend your services highly in the future."

Christina Calhoun Zubowicz
Owner, Magnolia Events
"Magnolia Events LOVES Le Jardin Francais!"

Elizabeth LaPier Spivak
"After our wedding ceremony, someone asked me if things went as I had imagined they would. I said, no, I could never have imagined something so wonderful! Especially the flowers! Marie-Laure didn't just make bouquets and arrangements that I wanted, she far exceeded my imagination with the beauty and grace of the arrangements, the fantastic balance of different blooms and greenery, and the harmonious colors of each element. The flowers added a lot to the event space. I must admit I was not someone who knew exactly what I wanted before hand. I knew a few flowers that I liked. Marie-Laure was great at discussing options with me, sharing photos and ideas in a way that helped me reach better clarity and understand the different options. Then she took my basic ideas and guidelines and made a masterpiece! Marie- Laure did a fantastic job on our wedding and I highly recommend her services."

Victoria and Steve Brown
Bride and Groom
"The flowers for my wedding ceremony, cake, & reception were absolutely stunning! We received so many positive comments, and have referred you too! Your staff was very professional, had attention to detail and it was completed in perfect time. Marie-Laure, you asked a lot of questions, asked me to bring examples of dress, flowers, colors, invitation, etc., and asked me to pick out a few pictures from your 2 large books of previous events that your team had finished - Modern & Classic. Your attention to detail before the wedding, made me feel very comfortable that the design/colors were going to be perfect. You were very accommodating when the design plan had to change, based on new ideas I had, and on budget. Thank you so much! Our wedding event would not have been as perfect without Le Jardin Francais as our flower designer!"

Robert Hartman
"The piece you created was beautiful, as always. The taste, style, presentation and delivery were impeccable."